• Tabseals or Tab Seals
  • Tabseals or Tab Seals


These Tab-Seals ® are manufactured in accordance with industrial quality standards and can be branded to meet your specifications. The Cap can be color-printed to your company design. The seals are resistant to corrosion and can be easily installed. Metal seals are also rust resistant. Once securely crimped (with a crimping tool that we can supply), the metal Tab-Seal® Cap or plastic cap seal secures your product against undetected pilferage or substitution of the containers contents.

Once the tab seal has been opened, it cannot be re-used or resealed.

The design of both the Tinplate and Plastic allows for the removal of the Tab-Seal®  but using a TAB-SEAL® REMOVAL TOOL. The tool fits into the hole in the tab of the Capseal and by pulling the tool toward the opposite tab, tears the metal or plastic along the preformed tear line.

Tab seals


The tinplate Tab-Seal® / Capseals are manufactured from hi-grade tinplate and are colour coated on the outside face and lacquered with food grade lacquer on the inside face. The inner rim has a flowed in gasket to seal against the ingress of moisture forming a seal against the neck of the container.




The Tab-Seals ® / Capseals are obtainable in plain colours of Red, Blue, White, Yellow and Black and can be printed to any design required by the customer. The 52mm are packed 500 per box and the 19mm are packed 1000 per box.

We carry hand operated tools and pneumatic crimping tools are available on request


Capseal Crimping Tools

To apply the Capseals you will need a crimping tool.

The Capseal crimping tools are supplied in two(2) sizes namely 52mm (2") or 19mm (3/4") These tools are hand operated. Pneumatic tools are available on request. For our other closing, tools, go to our Tools page

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