• Jo-Jo-Tank plastic taps
  • plastic taps and plastic plugs


The PLASTIC TAP made of Polypropylene has a 19mm (3/4") BSP thread (Standard pipe thread). The pouring aperture is 12mm diameter. The standard colour is blue, however, the tap can be produced in other colours if the volumes warrant this. These plastic taps are a cost effective alternative to brass and nickel-plated taps, and are are perfect for use on all drums and water tanks.

Plastic Taps

Plastic Taps

WASHERS fitted to the plastic tap are food grade EPDM rubber washer. A PLASTIC washer or black BUNA can be fitted if requested. Should this tap be used on a plastic container with a 52mm Buttress thread (2") aperture, a combination plug can be supplied into which the plastic tap fits. The Tap is fitted with a Plastic 19mm (3/4" ).

Buttress thread plastic tap

Combinations Plugs

COMBINATION PLUG is a 52mm ( 2" ) Buttress thread plug with a 19mm ( 3/4") thread in the centre fitted with a removable 19mm plastic Plug The 19mm plug can be removed to fit a tap.

These Plugs are not vented.

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